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Common Bartender Terms

On The Rocks? Training Wheels? - These are just a couple of cocktail terms you'll need to know to when bartending. This section of our website will keep you up to date on the latest bartender lingo.

Age - The amount of time a whiskey, rum, or brandy has been stored.

Bang! - A term used to identify the double or triple flavor cocktails. (i.e. Peach Bang! – peach schnapps and peach juice)

Base Liquor - The main ingredient in the cocktail.

Box - Pour cocktail into and out of shaker. Mixes the cocktail without shaking.

Call Drink - A cocktail where the liquor is clearly defined. (i.e. gin and tonic, jack and coke)

Chaser - A drink that is consumed directly after taking a shot or shooter. Usually, to change the taste in your mouth.

Collins - A sour served in a highball glass with club soda or seltzer water.

Cooler - A cocktail made with ginger ale, club soda, or another carbonated beverage. Garnished with a lemon or orange rind. These type of cocktails are usually served in a collins glass.

Crusta - A short sour type drink that is completely lined with an orange or lemon peel cut in a continuous strip.

Daisy - An oversized sour type cocktail sweetened with a fruit syrup. Usually served in a large goblet.

Dry - No vermouth or a tiny amount.

Flag - Term used when someone has had enough to drink. Also a garnish.

Flamed - Drink is topped with high proof alcohol and lit on fire.

Fizz - A beverage that is carbonated or produces small amounts of bubbles.

Lace - Applies to the last ingredient in a recipe, meaning to pour on top of the drink.

Mist - To pour drink over crushed ice.

Mixer - A non-alcoholic beverage you mix spirits with.

Neat - The consumption of a spirit as a straight, unaccompanied shot.

Nightcap - Any drink taken before retiring.

On-The-Rocks - Any wine or spirit poured over ice cubes.

Pick-Me-Up - Any drink designed to delay the effects of the overindulgence in alcoholic beverages.

Shooter - A straight shot of whiskey or other kind of spirit. Taken with out a chaser.

Straight Up - When a drink is mixed with ice and then strained into a glass.

Tot - A small amount of any beverage, a “short shot” or a “touch”

Up - A drink served with no ice.

Virgin - A non-alcoholic drink.

Well Drink - A liquor and mixer, of which neither are defined brands. (ie. Gin and Tonic, Rum and Coke)

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