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KegWorks.com - Draft Beer at Home

NEW Opener 1

Here's a neat item to jazz up your bar room or game room. Add a wallpaper border featuring beer taps. Border is 10 1/4"" high and prepasted. Sold in 15 foot spools." Beer Taps Wallpaper Border
golo golf game GA2. GOLO GOLF GAME 1.5.2004
This quick and addicting golf dice game is simply golf in a cup! Golfers (and non-golfers!) of all ages find the game easy to learn and impossible to put down.The goal of the game, as in real golf, is to shoot the lowest possible score, or "go low"! Perfect game for the golfer on your x-mas list - looser has to take a shot! PLAY GOLO NOW!
This is the ultimate party gadget necessity! The bottle blaster gadget works similar to a beer funnel. Maximize your beer consumption in as little time as possible! This thing makes chugging a 12oz bottle of your favorite beer as easy as turning this gadget upside down! Bottle Blaster
Wow! Here is everything you need to outfit your new home bar. This bar gadget kit contains: A set of 6 one oz Shot Glasses, 24- Palm Tree Stirrers, 24- Tiki Stirrers, Box of 1000 5" Drink Stirrers/Straws, Margarita Glass Rimmer, 12 Black Bottle Pourers, Jigger (1 oz. x 1 1/2 oz.), Stainless Steel Condiment Tray that holds 4 pints, Set of 3 Bar Towels, Set of 3 Bar Towel Holders, Wall Mount Bottle Opener and Wall Mount Cap Catcher, 500 Pack of Beverage Cocktail Napkins, 8" Wooden Drink Muddler, 2-60oz Plastic Pitchers, Bar Caddy, French Style Corkscrew, Stainless Steel 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker, 2 Juice Containers/Pourers, 24" Black Bar Mat, Long Bar Spoon and a 24 Pack of KegWorks Coasters. Ultimate Bar Set
The only six-bottle personal wine cellar gadget on the market stores red or white wine at a proper constant temperature to preserve optimal taste for long periods of time. The dark, insulated cabinet and tempered glass door with smoke-colored tint protect wine from damaging light and ambient temperature fluctuations. This gadget is adjustable from 44° to 64°F. Includes two flat and two curved stainless steel chrome racks. Six-Bottle Wine Cellar
margarita glass GA6. MARGARITA GIFT SET 10.1.2005
Go loco at your next gathering with this gadet - Margarita Madness. El Paso Chile Co. introduces its Desert Pepper Margarita Gift Pack -- ingredients for making your own margaritas, plus a set of authentic Mexican hand-blown margarita glasses - stashed in a classic galvanized oval bucket. Margarita Gift Set.
bar gadget GA7. BAR MASTER TOOL 10.5.2005
Prepare every drink to perfection with Bar Master gadet, the pocketsize electronic tool with more than 500 of the most popular drink recipes from bartenders around the world. No matter what your guests request, you’ll find the exact measurement of cocktail ingredients and the right type and size of cocktail glass — instantly! Bar Master
cocktail blender GA8. 5 SPEED BLENDER 10.8.2005
This "clean-touch" gadget has five speeds plus pulse; lights tell you which pads are activated. Ice can be crushed on any speed. This tool is remarkably quiet, and the heavy-duty all-metal base won’t budge an inch during operation. Ultra Power 5-speed Blender: Yellow - by KitchenAid
wine chiller GA9. ELECTRIC WINE CHILLER 10.2.2005
No more melting ice — no more tepid white wine! This innovative tool automatic bottle-chiller uses Peltier Effect electronics to make white wine cold, right at the table. What's more, its built-in thermostat keeps it cold and drinkable for hours — even outside under a hot sun! - click to learn more. Electronic Wine Chiller with Thermostat
wine opener GA10. WINE GENIE OPENER 10.13.2005

Press the top button on this gadget and a hollow needle shoots down through the cork. Inert CO2 gas is injected into the bottle and forces the cork up and out — whole and unbroken. Great tool for older wines as the skinny needle will not crumble an old cork. Features a convenient detachable foil cutter at the base that neatly slices off the wrapper. Wine Genie CO2 Opener

nokia ngage GA11. N-GAGE 10.12.2005
This gadget is a game deck, an MP3 player, a wireless browser, and a phone. If it's a Nokia N-Gage™ mobile game deck, it's all of these gadgets and more. If you want to know exactly what's inside this little electronic device click more and we'll show you.
mini fridge GA12. Mini Fridge! 10.15.2005
A versatile gadget, the personal electronic mini "fridge" keeps drinks and snacks cold, at work, home or on the road. "Hot" option, too! Hot+Cold Mini Fridge
sony GA13. SONY AIBO ERS-7 10.8.2005
The ERS-7 is the latest AIBO®, a newly-developed, highly evolved gadget, comprehensive product offering that provides the greatest degree of autonomous behavior and functionality yet to be achieved by Sony electronic robotic engineers. It is supplied with a full range of gadgets that allows for both the joys of raising a robotic pet alternative, as well as the satisfaction of useful functionality. Preorder your AIBO ERS-7 online now.
ipod apple mac GA14. APPLE iPOD 10.20.2005
The new super-slim iPod once again redefines what a electronic digital music player should be. It’s lighter than 2 CDs, can hold up to 10,000 songs, and downloads music at blazing speeds. Now you can take your entire music collection with you wherever you go. 10,000 songs in one gadget - click to learn more.
juice extractor GA15. JUICE EXTRACTOR 10.13.2005
If you're a juicing enthusiast who doesn't have time or space for juicing huge quantities, this Waring Health Juice Extractor is an ideal gadget. Reap the health benefits of drinking freshly juiced vegetables and fruits easily, quickly and without the mess. The extra wide feed tube minimizes preparation time - just flip the convenient ON/OFF toggle switch while the Pulp Collector stores dry pulp.

You get pure, drinkable results in minutes.

Health Juice Extractor: Black and Stainless Steel - by Waring

wine master GA16. WINE MASTER 10.15.2005
Enlist the experts at Wine Enthusiast Magazine the next time you're ordering at a restaurant or buying wine at a store.

This pocketsize electronic gadget is a guide that features an easy-to-read four-line screen that displays information on more than 10,800 rated wines from over 2,600 wineries, plus more than 9,300 reviews from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Wine Master Electronic Pocket Guide

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